If you want to know a bit more about me

I did start with hacking ~ 2010 as a member of the German hacking scene (which was huge that time). After playing scriptkiddy for 3-4 months I discovered my passion: Tricking and playing with web-applications, server-side-systems (mainly UNIX driven) and different networks. Since every setup is different, there it's always a new challenge to discover how to bypass/exploit a system in an unintentional way.

Today I'm studying computer science, play CTF, try to learn and contribute to the scene (check my Github, Medium), write code in PHP, Ruby and Python and hunt the web for vulnerabilities which I try to report to the affected company in an ethical way (mostly Responsible Disclosure; sometimes Full Disclosure [ shame on you ]). Recognition:

Company Acknowledgment
Dell https://www.dell.com/learn/nz/en/nzbsd1/campaigns/contributors-dell-software-security#campaignTabs-3
DuckDuckGo https://hackerone.com/duckduckgo/thanks
Electronic Frontier Foundation https://www.eff.org/security/hall-of-fame
Microsoft https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/msrc/researcher-acknowledgments-online-services?rtc=1
Redbull -
U.S. Dept Of Defense https://hackerone.com/si9int/thanks